Sunday, 22 February 2015

250th post so we go all 4G in celebration

Well, here is a cause for celebration. 250 posts! I know that I tend to post pics and leave the chat to other sites but 250 deserves something special. So I have gone 4G. The 4 G 's - the Greats of this site, the Golden Oldies, the Goners (the sadly no more wrestling wrestlers) and then The Gods of the last 250 posts. Here's looking back. And here's to the next 250.

The Greats

Over the years we have seen some consistently great wrestlers.

Zack Sabre Jnr - always full on commitment

Prince Devitt - now as Finn Balor - determined to make it big in WWE 

Mark Andrews - high flyer - now starting with TNA

And the up and coming Will Ospreay, who I think we will see a lot more of on this site 

The Golden Oldies

A trio of the past greats have been consistent over the first 250 posts, With more old videos making it on to YouTube, we might even seen new stuff about these three great past glories - Kid McCoy, Danny Collins and Robbie Brookside

The Goners

Next wrestlers who appear to have ended their careers whilst there was still more to come,,,

 Going.. but accordingly to his instagram account now back in training, is Jarek120

Next goner...

We watch Chris Cross wrestle from a very young age, blossom into the very fighter that this site really loves, then disappear from view. Apparently now at University, weightlifting and fitness training have now claimed Chris and wrestling mourns...

and gone for all time...

Joey Angelo Garcia, here with NAWA and now gone from view

and Jay Spade - who started to muscle up (a bit) but whose speed, agility and courage were always good to watch, until he just stopped.

And then the Gods

Drake has been a favourite here

Owen Phoenix has caught the eye as a great talent - with more to come as he matures on the Japan circuit.

Zack Sabre has to be elevated to a God. the sheer number of posts on this site, All excellent fights, the man is a legend and I can not understand why he is not on the big name tickets

and Josh Steel,  tops the popos on your stats on thie site and here is why...

Thanks for all your support folks and here's to more postings!

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